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Download the latest DACH M&A Monitors.

Download the latest DACH M&A Monitor (in German)

The DACH M&A Monitor February 2024 contains statistics and trends for the German-speaking M&A mid-market (enterprises with a revenue between €1 and €50 million euros) in the second half of 2023. Dealsuite surveyed 401 M&A advisory firms operating in the M&A mid-market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DACH Monitor February 2024DACH Monitor February 2024
DACH M&A Monitor Februar 2024

DACH M&A Monitor Februar 2024

DACH M&A Monitor August 2023

DACH M&A Monitor August 2023

DACH M&A Monitor Februar 2023

DACH M&A Monitor Februar 2023

DACH M&A Monitor September 2022

DACH M&A Monitor September 2022

DACH M&A Monitor März 2022

DACH M&A Monitor März 2022

UK&I M&A Monitor September 2021

DACH M&A Monitor September 2021

DACH M&A Monitor März 2021

DACH M&A Monitor März 2021

DACH M&A Monitor August 2020

DACH M&A Monitor August 2020

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Kensington M&A

We provide our clients with access to national and international investors through Dealsuite. Their excelletn personal service is an effective support.

Jens Grasshoff, Managing Partner at Kensington M&A

Jens Grasshoff

Managing Partner, Kensington M&A


We use Dealsuite for a targeted buyer and seller approach in domestic and foreign countries.

Linus Furrer, Partner at Bakertilly OBT AG

Linus Furrer

Partner, Bakertilly OBT AG

MA-Solutions GmbH

Dealsuite provides networking opportunities beyond the platform. Networking via the digital platform is extended with in-person events, enabling connections to qualified M&A experts across the pan-European space.

Markus Hehn, Managing Partner at MA-Solutions GmbH

Markus Hehn

Managing Partner, MA-Solutions GmbH


The platform has been a great complement to our existing M&A process, in terms of internationalisation, simplification and acceleration. Dealsuite enables us to identify potential deals quickly and efficiently. It also provides us with a good overview of the current buyer and seller market, thereby optimising our M&A network.

Peter Leicht, Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

Peter Leicht

Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw


With our model, business owners can hand over their life's work to a suitable candidate and retire from the business with a clear conscience. By working with Dealsuite, we are are proactively drawing attention to this.

Boris Pelikan, CEO at RAIFFEISEN

Boris Pelikan


Ufenau Capital Partners

Through Dealsuite we gained a lot of relevant contacts very easily. I uploaded the proposition on Dealsuite and, within a few days, I had a lot of interest from M&A advisory companies in Europe.

Kevin Elsässer, Investment Manager at Ufenau Capital Partners

Kevin Elsässer

Investment Manager, Ufenau Capital Partners


We announce our sell-side mandates on Dealsuite so we can identify all possible buyer candidates and expand our network.

Jarmo Kuusivuori, CEO at Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

Jarmo Kuusivuori

CEO, Wolfcorner Susikulma OY