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Dealsuite was founded in 2017 in close co-operation with leading M&A advisors and investment firms in the Netherlands to make sourcing of buyers and sellers more efficient and effective.

Since the launch, Dealsuite has grown exponentially. By now we have clients in over 50 countries. Adding many software features, regions and M&A segments over the years. By now Dealsuite is the undisputed European platform for M&A sourcing.

With a team of roughly 40 passionate employees and 4 offices, we are excited to continue to facilitate the traditional M&A process with smart and innovative software solutions, market insights and networking opportunities.

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Dealsuite was founded

With the support of the Dutch industry leading open platform for M&A, Brookz.nl (since 2007), Dealsuite launched a private platform exclusively accessible for M&A professionals.

Launched in Belgium and Germany

Dealsuite grew rapidly and expanded operations to both Belgium and Germany. The team expanded with dedicated local native speakers to focus on the development of these new regions.

195% growth

In 2018 the number of active deals increased with +195% YoY. More and more users where added to the plaform.

Launched in the UK

After the successful launch in Belgium and Germany, the UK was next on the list. Again with a local native team and M&A knowledge.

Network grew to 500+ members

Our network and market expansions lead to a new milestone. We reached 500+ M&A professionals using Dealsuite, spread over 18 countries to source their next deal.

Onboarding global top-tier firms

BDO decided to start using Dealsuite globally by incorporating the usage in their standard process.

Launched in France

With the growing interest in Dealsuite in Europe, France was added to our portfolio deploying a dedicated local team.

More than 3.000+ closed deals

Deal sourcing on Dealsuite leads to closed deals. In 2020 we had more than 3.000 closed deals thanks to our network and tool.

More than 1.000 active members

In 2021 we reached a great milestone - 1.000 members using Dealsuite, spread over 38 countries. With the rapid growth of the members and connected companies, the deal flow has been steadily increasing and we see new deals added daily to the platform.

Added Strategic Buyer and Business Development teams

We strive to complete the M&A sourcing ecosystem. With that we launched a proposition for strategic buyer and business development teams. Complementing the already existing network of M&A Advisory and Private Equity firms.

Partnered with Admincontrol

On Dealsuite you can find your next transaction partner and sign an NDA. The next step is moving to a dataroom. In order to facilitate our clients, we entered a partnership with the leading Nordic dataroom provider Admincontrol.

Product improvement

Technological developments never stand still, neither do we. In 2021 we focused on improving the tool, renewing the matching algorithm and adding a new feature labelled the 'Network directory'. The algorithm increased its ability to matching accuracy and brings you deals that match your investment criteria. The Network directory allows you to get in direct contact with all M&A professionals connected.

Reached 1.400+ members

Our network of M&A professionals continues to grow and we reached 1.400+ members, spread over 46 countries in 2022.

More countries added

In 2022 we focused on further geographical expansion, officially launching Dealsuite in Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Dealsuite 3.0

Dealsuite 3.0 was launched, upgrading user experience adding features such as custom email notifications, saved searches, and extensive filter options.

Onboarded more top-tier global players

Next to most of the top-10 accountancy firms, and BDO's global adoption, Grant Thornton started using Dealsuite globally to source transactions.

Dealsuite among the 250 fastest growing companies

We are pleased to be recognised as one of the 250 most innovative and fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Boarded capital from listed PE firm Value8

Value8's long-term focus and unlimited investment horizon matches well with our direction. Therefore, we are pleased that we secured an investment from them to further grow our platform.

Further product development

In 2023 we improved the tool and the user experience with adding new features such as sub-sector filtering, anonymous posting and multi currency.

Expanding operations to CEE

In 2023 we focused on further geographical expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Constantin Ehrler, Business Development Intern at Dealsuite

“During my time at Dealsuite I had the pleasure to work within a driven, enthusiastic and motivating work environment. I was given responsibilities that allowed me to gather very valuable first work experience.”

Constantin Ehrler

Business Development Intern