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At Deloitte in the Netherlands, we use Dealsuite to actively identify both on- and off-market targets for our clients, as well as to discover potential buyers beyond our existing network.

Lucien Geerdink, Director M&A Deloitte Netherlands

Lucien Geerdink

Director M&A, Deloitte Netherlands

Dealsuite is a very agile and powerful tool for M&A advisors and industry experts. The immediate access to pre-qualified prospective buyers and projects of mandated colleagues and market participants is outstanding.

Katja Kühnel, CEO, maconis GmbH

Katja Kühnel

CEO, maconis GmbH

As a group, we have recently completed our 16th acquisition with a number of these acquisitions introduced to us via our partnership with Dealsuite. We value the efficient service for identifying and contacting relevant targets.

Sameer Rizvi, Founder & CEO at RD Capital Partners

Sameer Rizvi

Founder & CEO, RD Capital Partners

Dealsuite provides a great overview of live projects in the UK market and abroad. We recently completed a deal via the platform.

Patrick Abel, Corporate Finance Partner, Hart Shaw

Patrick Abel

Corporate Finance Partner, Hart Shaw

The alerts and the overview that Dealsuite offers are exactly what I need. It is comprehensive but free from unnecessarily complex information or functionalities.

Joaquin Urbina, Managing Director Trixxo

Joaquin Urbina

Managing Director, Trixxo

Using Dealsuite has really helped us reach more potential acquirers for our disposal mandates. It's allowed us to find interested parties we might have missed with our usual research methods. Dealsuite has become a valuable tool in our disposal process, broadening our search for strategic partners and acquirers.

Matt Milnes, the Director at Hentons Corporate Finance

Matt Milnes

Director, Hentons Corporate Finance

Through Dealsuite we gained a lot of relevant contacts very easily. I uploaded the proposition on Dealsuite and, within a few days, I had a lot of interest from M&A advisory companies in Europe.

Dr. Josef Rumpl, Founder & CEO at Uniconsult Corporate Finance

Dr. Josef Rumpl

Founder & CEO, Uniconsult Corporate Finance

The establishment of new relationships, identification of relevant counterparts, and the dissemination of announcements have been a good help in boosting our activity.

Henri Bony, M&A Senior Consultant at Cabex Transmission

Henri Bony

M&A Senior Consultant, Cabex Transmission

Dealsuite has been well worth the investment – within a month of using Dealsuite we were at HoTs with a purchaser identified via the platform. We have had numerous meetings with interested parties for our sell-side mandates and are delighted with the results.

Luke Rebbettes, Director at Kingsbrook

Luke Rebbettes

Director, Kingsbrook

Dealsuite broadens our own network. A buyer who responded to our deal happened to also be relevant for another deal in our pipeline.

Markus Bienhold, Senior Manager at Helbling Switzerland

Markus Bienhold

Senior Manager, Helbling Switzerland

In addition to Dealsuite's assistance in approaching the market and selling our clients' businesses, we additionally gained a mandate to represent Reelway GmbH thanks to our Dealsuite membership.

Markus Schlich, Partner at Kensington Mergers & Acquisitions

Markus Schlich

Partner, Kensington Mergers & Acquisitions

Through Dealsuite we expand our market overview, especially the access to the international deal flow and also smaller targets is interesting, so we don't miss any relevant deals.

Raphael Nitz, Investment Manager at BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen

Raphael Nitz

Investment Manager, BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen

We are the representatives of Dealbridge international network in the Czech Republic, and we utilise Dealsuite for both our internal and external deal-marketing purposes. At Dealbridge, we prioritise the same values, and what truly sets apart our collaboration is Dealsuite's exceptional personal support and profound expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

Richard Skyva, Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors – Czech Republic

Richard Skyva

Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors – Czech Republic

The propositions we receive via Dealsuite are a valuable addition to our (international) match-making.

Tom Beltman, Partner at Marktlink

Tom Beltman

Partner, Marktlink

The Dealsuite tool provides us with a concise overview of current SME transactions. The information facilitated in the Dealsuite M&A monitor completes this overview.

Robert E. Weidinger, Senior Partner at RWCF GmbH

Robert E. Weidinger

Senior Partner, RWCF GmbH

Dealsuite provides a great resource for presenting  opportunities and connecting with new contacts. The platform makes global networking effortless and uncomplicated.

Conor Martin, Corporate finance at CKS Finance

Conor Martin

Corporate Finance, CKS Finance

Dealsuite helps us determine who is active in a particular sector, find deal opportunities and benchmark our deals.

Mark Sykes, Internationa business development Director at Hornblower Business Brokers

Mark Sykes

International Business Development Director, Hornblower Business Brokers

Dealsuite allows Breeze to connect with a global network of acquirers and advisers, share live acquisition opportunities and action upon buyer intelligence.

Phil Eggleshaw, Finance Assistant Manager at Breeze Corporate Finance

Phil Eggleshaw

Corporate Finance Assistant Manager, Breeze Corporate Finance

For our team, Dealsuite is facilitating access to a broader network of UK and overseas M&A professionals who we are able to find and efficiently engage with.

John Knight, Managing Director at Strategic Business Exits

John Knight

Managing Director, Strategic Business Exits

Thanks to Dealsuite, RBK has been able to effortlessly connect with international M&A advisors and relevant contacts. The platform provides us with daily updates and direct access to live sales mandates as well notifications from acquisitive companies, giving us valuable industry insights. Dealsuite has been instrumental in keeping us informed about the latest opportunities in a user-friendly way which in turn empowers us to deliver added value to our clients.

Jennifer Brennan, Corporate Finance Director at RBK

Jennifer Brennan

Corporate Finance Director, RBK

Grant Thornton is using Dealsuite already in almost 30 M&A practices, this strengthens our collaboration in the EMEA region but also globally to find the right targets and potential buyers for our clients.

Wilfred van der Lee, Partner, Grant Thornton NL

Wilfred van der Lee

Partner, Grant Thornton NL

BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about dealmandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up to date and accurate.

Maarten van Dijk, Partner at BDO Corporate Finance

Maarten van Dijk

Partner, BDO Corporate Finance

With Dealsuite, I really see things that I otherwise would not  have seen. And Dealsuite adds information and insights to our acquisition activities. This increases our potential deal flow, which continues to be our goal.

Eric Heskens, International M&A Director, Verder International

Eric Heskens

International M&A Director, Verder International

Dealsuite gives member direct and easy access to qualified M&A advisors and relevant contacts. The high quality deal flow allows us to monitor the Eastern European and international market in an uncomplicated way.

Klaus Sonntag, Senior Partner at Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Klaus Sonntag

Senior Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Dealsuite provides us with a broad market overview. Access to and cooperation with qualified M&A experts repeatedly allow for synergies that create meaningful opportunities for real estate capital recycling.

Alexander Bleul, Managing Partner at Corporate Property Consulting GmbH

Alexander Bleul

Managing Partner, Corporate Property Consulting GmbH

We use Dealsuite for getting a more complete overview in our industries. The professionalism of users characterises the network's quality.

Christian Fest, Managing Partner at Landpoint Corporate Finance

Christian Fest

Managing Partner, Landpoint Corporate Finance

Dealsuite contributes to the transparency and activity in the M&A mid market. We appreciate that the tool supports international networking, which allows us to add value to our clients.

Dr. Heiko Frank, Partner at WTS Advisory AG

Dr. Heiko Frank

Partner, WTS Advisory AG

Dealsuite offers a secure environment to M&A professionals, which facilitates professional and efficient deal sourcing. The innovative concept simplifies international networking.

Gerlinde Baumer, Managing Director at Omegaconsulting

Gerlinde Baumer

Managing Director, Omegaconsulting

Dealsuite enables us to connect with M&A advisors on Pan-European level and increases our deal pipeline. Therefore, we see Dealsuite as a great partner for our Buy-&-Build approach.

Kevin Elsässer, Investment Manager at Ufenau Capital Partners

Kevin Elsässer

Investment Manager, Ufenau Capital Partners

Dealsuite provides access to pre-qualified M&A experts in the international space. The dealflow, as well as the database and networking events, faciliate market outreach and access to networking opportunities.

Markus Jäckle, General Manager at Jäckle GmbH

Markus Jäckle

General Manager, Jäckle GmbH

I still look at Dealsuite today to see what's posted on there - you never know when a potential partner will come up so it's great to keep an eye on the market.

Mike Hindi, Chairman at Green Logistics

Mike Hindi

Chairman, Green Logistics

Dealsuite provides us personalized support and the implementation of cutting-edge technology, the platform has met our expectations.

Victor Landemaine, M&A Analyst at Cabex Transmission

Victor Landemaine

M&A Analyst, Cabex Transmission

We announce our sell-side mandates on Dealsuite so we can identify all possible buyer candidates and expand our network.

Jarmo Kuusivuori, CEO, Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

Jarmo Kuusivuori

CEO, Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

With the support of Dealsuite it becomes easy to conduct cross-boarder deals, especially if you are looking to acquire a foreign target within a specific sector.

Rémy Templier, M&A Manager at Closing

Rémy Templier

M&A Manager, Closing

It was difficult to reach out before — we just hadn’t found the right channels. But now we have a way to reach out and others can also reach us.

Roger Eriksson, Broker, Exitpartner

Roger Eriksson

Broker, Exitpartner

Dealsuite adds the unknown - people outside the industry, people who may be European, who we may not have heard of before -they extend our reach to bring new buyers into the ring.

Gary Smith, Managing Director at Venture corporate finance

Gary Smith

Managing Director, Venture Corporate Finance

Dealsuite has proved to be a valuable and effective tool for our business, connecting us with opportunities and other M&A advisors. It has improved our network and reach, and has brought prospective buyers to our inbox with minimal effort. We have found it user  friendly and a rich source of M&A information.

Pamela Wynne, Associate director at DHKN

Pamela Wynne

Associate Director, DHKN

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