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Dealsuite is offered as a plug-and-play SaaS solution that is easy and intuitive to use. Trusted by over 1.400 companies in 50+ countries.

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Deal relevancy

You can upload both buy- and sell side projects to Dealsuite. There is a clear distinction between buy- and sell side in the tool so you can quickly switch between deal types. This way there is no doubt as to what deal type you are looking at.

We have made it easy for you to continuously monitor deal opportunities with our saved searches function. Just save your search once, give it a name and decide how often you want to receive email notifications for your searches. Save your favourites and do not miss out on your next deal!

Staying updated on the deals matching your investment criteria is easy. We won't let any opportunities pass you by.

Decide on how often you want to receive email notifications, either daily or weekly. Never miss out on an opportunity!

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Identify qualified buyers

Found a deal that matches your criteria? Get in direct contact with the buyer or seller. Send them a message through the platform, connect via email or give them a phone call. Whatever suits you the best!

Dealsuite is used to discreetly discover the interest for the company or business unit you are selling or raising capital for - without disclosing critical information. By uploading anonymised deal characteristics we match interested buyers. Next, you decide who you would like to approach and move along the process.

You can also choose to manage and receive NDAs with our integrated NDA tool.

Dealsuite is a private platform, only accessible for pre-qualified M&A professionals. We manually validate all project coming through to assure the highest level of relevance and information.

M&A Networking

Through Dealsuite, your M&A brand will get visibility among all other M&A firms. We have more than 1.400 companies in 50+ countries connected to Dealsuite, which leverages your M&A activities and network significantly.

You can easily communicate with other M&A professionals directly in the platform. This way you will broaden your network and grow your M&A brand!

Use the Network in the platform to easily find buyers and sellers interested in deal opportunities matching your qualifications. There you can find companies and M&A advisors that are using the platform for deal sourcing.

In the profile of the companies you can see their company information, investment criteria, and more.

Dealsuite has thousands of daily users. Gathering M&A professionals in all different fields and across Europe is a huge advantage. Broaden your network, build meaningful relationships and find your next deal on Dealsuite.

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