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Whether you are selling a minority, majority or 100% sale - Dealsuite is the tool for you. With Dealsuite you can identify buy-side interest for your anonymous sell-side opportunities and line up potential buyers directly.

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At Deloitte in the Netherlands, we use Dealsuite to actively identify both on- and off-market targets for our clients, as well as to discover potential buyers beyond our existing network.

Lucien Geerdink, Director M&A at Deloitte Netherlands

Lucien Geerdink

Director M&A, Deloitte Netherlands


Dealsuite broadens our own network. A buyer who responded to our deal happened to also be relevant for another deal in our pipeline.

Markus Bienhold, Senior Manager at Helbling Switzerland

Markus Bienhold

Senior Manager, Helbling Switzerland

Venture Corporate Finance

Dealsuite adds the unknown - people outside the industry, people who may be European, who we may not have heard of before -they extend our reach to bring new buyers into the ring.

Gary Smith, Managing Director, Venture Corporate Finance

Gary Smith

Managing Director, Venture Corporate Finance

Dealbridge M&A Advisors

Dealsuite gives member direct and easy access to qualified M&A advisors and relevant contacts. The high quality deal flow allows us to monitor the Eastern European and international market in an uncomplicated way.

Klaus Sonntag, Senior Partner at Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Klaus Sonntag

Senior Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

We announce our sell-side mandates on Dealsuite so we can identify all possible buyer candidates and expand our network.

Jarmo Kuusivuori, CEO, Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

Jarmo Kuusivuori

CEO, Wolfcorner Susikulma OY

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