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We believe access to information and data are key in a fast changing world. We publish both public and premium content about Trends, Market intelligence, Research and the digitalization of M&A processes.


Dealsuite is by far the largest and most active community of Dealmakers in Europe. With thousands of M&A Advisors, Investment Managers, Private Equity professionals, In-house corporate M&A managers, CEO’s and other M&A professionals communicating about deals, opportunities, industry insights and events. At Dealsuite, we believe in the power of data and tech, to support, connect and engage the M&A community.


On Dealsuite you can share both Sell- and Buy-side deals, or choose to get in direct contact with all M&A professionals connected. The algorithm matches your interests and investment criteria with other companies and opportunities in the network. This way you do more and better deals!

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    “With Dealsuite, finding potential buyers has become a lot more efficient”

    Friso Kuipers
    AenF Partners

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    “If it weren’t for Dealsuite, we would have missed this opportunity”

    Marnix van der Feltz
    Standard Investment

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    “We provide our clients with access to national and international investors through Dealsuite. Their excellent personal service is an effective support.”

    Jens Grasshoff
    Kensington Mergers and Acquisitions

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    “BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about deal mandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up-to-date and accurate.”

    Maarten van Dijk
    BDO Corporate Finance

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    “Dealsuite enables us to connect with M&A professionals on Pan-European level and increase our deal-pipeline”

    Kevin Elsaesser
    Ufenau Capital Partners