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Download the latest French M&A Monitors.

Download the latest French M&A Monitor (in French)

The French M&A monitor February 2024 contains statistics and trends on the mid-market of mergers and acquisitions in France (companies with turnover between 1 million and 200 million euros) during the second half of 2023 Dealsuite surveyed 324 M&A advisory firms operating in the mid-market M&A market in France.

FR Monitor February 2024FR Monitor February 2024
Rapport Fusac France Août 2023

Rapport Fusac France Février 2024

Rapport Fusac France Août 2023

Rapport Fusac France Août 2023

Rapport Fusac France Février 2023

Rapport Fusac France Février 2023

Rapport Fusac France Septembre 2022

Rapport Fusac France Septembre 2022

Rapport Fusac France Mars 2022

Rapport Fusac France Mars 2022

Rapport Fusac France September 2021

Rapport Fusac France Septembre 2021

Rapport Fusac France Février 2020

Rapport Fusac France Février 2021

UK&I M&A Monitor September 2020

Rapport Fusac France Septembre 2020

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Dealsuite offers a secure environment to M&A professionals, which facilitates professional and efficient deal sourcing. The innovative concept simplifies international networking.

Dr. Heiko Frank, Partner at WTS Advisory AG

Gerlinde Baumer

Managing Director, Omegaconsulting

Helbling Zwitserland

Dealsuite broadens our own network. A buyer who responded to our deal happened to also be relevant for another deal in our pipeline.

Markus Bienholdm, Senior Manager at Helbing Switzerland

Markus Bienhold

Senior Manager, Helbling Switzerland

Landpoint Corporate Finance

We use Dealsuite for getting a more complete overview in our industries. The professionalism of users characterises the network's quality.

Christian Fest, Managing Partner at Landpoint Corporate Finance

Christian Fest

Managing Partner, Landpoint Corporate Finance


With the support of Dealsuite it becomes easy to conduct cross-boarder deals, especially if you are looking to acquite a foreign target within a specific sector.

Rémy Templier, M&A Manager at Closing

Rémy Templier

M&A Manager, Closing

Atlantic Finance

Even though the start of the pandemic had delayed a great number of M&A transactions, now that the deal activity has picked up, the M&A activity is stronger than before the pandemic.

Klaus Sonntag, Senior Partner at Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Hervé Camus

CEO, Atlantic Finance

Novastone Capital Advisors

Dealsuite gives us a broad overview of the M&A market in Eastern Europe. As part of the network, we have the opportunity to operate in a transparent environment and qualify deals efficiently.

Marcin Chrusciel, Search Fund at Novastone

Marcin Chrusciel

Search Fund, Novastone Capital Advisors

Green Logistics

I still look at Dealsuite today to see what's posted on there - you never know when a potential partner will come up so it's great to keep an eye on the market.

Mike Hindi, Chairman at Green Logistics

Mike Hindi

Chairman, Green Logistics Gronigen