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European M&A Monitors

Download the latest European M&A Monitors.

Download the latest European M&A Monitor

The European M&A Monitor February 2024 contains statistics and trends for the M&A mid-market (enterprises with a revenue between €1 million and €200 million) over the second half of 2023. Dealsuite surveyed 1,330 M&A advisory firms operating in the M&A mid-market of the UK&I, DACH, France and the Netherlands.

European Monitor February 2024European M&A Monitor February 2024
European M&A Monitor February 2024

European M&A Monitor February 2024

European M&A Monitor September 2023

European M&A Monitor September 2023

European M&A Monitor March 2023

European M&A Monitor March 2023


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WTS Advisory

Dealsuite contributes to the transparency and activity in the M&A mid market. We appreciate that the tool supports international networking, which allows us to add value to our clients.

Dr. Heiko Frank, Partner at WTS Advisory AG

Dr. Heiko Frank

Partner, WTS Advisory AG

Dealbridge M&A Advisors

We’ve built relationships with M&A advisory firms from basically all over the world through Dealsuite, so it’s like an extension of our own network. We can also see what deals are happening, which gives us important intelligence on what’s currently trending in the market, as well as posting our own deals to increase the buyer ratio.

Simon Fabsits, Partner at Dealbridge M&A Advisors

Simon Fabsits

Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors


BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about dealmandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up to date and accurate.

Maarten van Dijk, Partner at BDO Corporate Finance

Maarten van Dijk

Partner, BDO Corporate Finance

RD Capital Partners

As a group, we have recently completed our 16th acquisition with a number of these acquisitions introduced to us via our partnership with Dealsuite. We value the efficient service for identifying and contacting relevant targets.

Sameer Rizvi, Founder & CEO at RD Capital Partners

Sameer Rizvi

Founder & CEO, RD Capital Partners

Dealbridge M&A Advisors

Dealsuite gives members direct and easy access to qualified M&A advisors and relevant contacts. The high quality deal flow allows us to monitor the Eastern European and international market in an uncomplicated way.

Klaus Sonntag, Senior Partner at Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Klaus Sonntag

Senior Partner, Dealbridge M&A Advisors Poland

Uniconsult Corporate Finance

Through Dealsuite we gained a lot of relevant contacts very easily. I uploaded the proposition on Dealsuite and, within a few days, I had a lot of interest from M&A advisory companies in Europe.

Dr. Josef Rumpl, Founder & CEO at Uniconsult Corporate Finance

Dr. Josef Rumpl

Founder & CEO, Uniconsult Corporate Finance

Hart Shaw

Dealsuite provides a great overview of live projects in the UK market and abroad. We recently completed a deal via the platform.

Patrick Abel, Corporate Finance Partner at Hart Shaw

Patrick Abel

Corporate Finance Partner, Hart Shaw