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Dealsuite is founded by M&A professionals and built for purpose. We recognized that the time, effort and costs involved in searching for potential buyers or targets can be reduced by applying a platform approach. Dealsuite is a network of corporate finance professionals that communicate with each other via a state of the art platform.

Dealsuite is offered as a plug-and-play SaaS solution that is easy to use for everybody. With reputable clients as brand ambassadors we have been able to grow fast. By now Dealsuite is active in over 30 countries. More than 800 corporate finance and investment firms, including over half of the global top 10 accountancy firms, are active on Dealsuite. We look forward to welcome you in this community!

"What if all buyers and sellers would have access to the best possible match for their companies?

During my years at the M&A team of PwC, I experienced firsthand the importance of having a broad market overview. Finding the right buyers and targets was often a time-consuming and inefficient process.

This insight led me to start my entrepreneurial quest. I envisioned connecting all M&A professionals with each other on one online platform.
A community where deal sourcing has become efficient and effective.

This is why I partnered up with Brookz, the leading Dutch M&A platform since 2008. Together we founded Dealsuite."

Floyd Plettenberg
Managing Director, Dealsuite
800+ corporate finance and investment firms
Highly active community
Dealsuite delivered relevant contacts in 73% of all Deals
Founded by M&A professionals
Users rate Dealsuite with 5 stars
Users rate Dealsuite with 5 stars
Dealsuite is 100% independent

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More than 800 firms in 30 countries declared Dealsuite as their sourcing tool of choice.