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You can share your sell-side and buy-side opportunities between M&A Advisory, Private Equity, Family offices, Corporate M&A managers, CEO’s, CFO’s and other M&A professionals. Relevance is guarded by our matching algorithm.

Floyd Plettenberg, CEO Dealsuite

Dealsuite was founded in 2017 in close cooperation with M&A advisors and investment firms. Together we explored the solutions to make sourcing for potential buyers and sellers more efficient, effective and cheaper.

During my years in the M&A team at PwC, I have experienced that finding the right buyers and sellers is often an inefficient and time-consuming process. This leads to unnecessarily high costs and in the worst case, the 'momentum' of the deal is completely lost. To provide a solution to this market inefficiency, I started Dealsuite. Together with Brookz, the largest acquisition platform in the Netherlands, we launched in the Dutch M&A market in 2017.

This joint effort resulted in Dealsuite, a private online platform that enables M&A advisors, investment firms and corporate M&A to exchange buy-side and sell-side projects with each other in real time. Relevance is guaranteed by the Dealsuite matching algorithm.

Dealsuite is offered as a plug-and-play SaaS solution that is easy and intuitive to use. Dealsuite has grown exponentially since its launch in 2017.“

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