Selling a business

You are selling (on behalf of a client) or divesting and would like to know who is in the market to buy. Perhaps you have already identified various interesting candidates, yet you are sure there is more potential in the market. And you are right!

Discreetly discover

Dealsuite is used to discreetly discover the interest for the company or business unit you are selling or raising capital for. Without disclosing critical information. By uploading anonymized deal characteristics we match interested buyers. Next you decide who you would like to approach and move along the process. This way you are always in full control of how much information you share, and who you share it with.

Selling a company in 5 easy steps


    Supply anonymized deal information


    View all interested buyers


    Select who you want to approach


    Receive responses from interested buyers


    Integrate in your daily workflow

The entire M&A market at your fingertips

Dealsuite hosts the largest collection of qualified buyers and investors in Europe. All these buyers are in a long-term relationship with us and are properly vetted. Since they constantly update their investment criteria we are always aware of their current investment needs. This way we know exactly who is interested in your opportunity and can connect you at the right moment in time. We know which funds are open to acquire in your industry and which companies are looking for add-ons. We even know of a small family office that may be the perfect fit. With Dealsuite you have all of this at your disposal.

Dealsuite also caters to small M&A advisory boutiques with a specialized focus all the way up to most of the top 10 accountancy firms. They use Dealsuite to share their sell-side opportunities as well as receive incoming dealflow. By reaching out to these brokers you can extrapolate your reach among their clients (Corporate buyers and investors). Our clients have great success lining up potential buyers this way. Sometimes within a day or two. The good thing is you stay in full control. Before disclosing any critical information the buy-side advisor reveals the name of their buyer and signs an NDA.

Minority, majority to 100% sale

Dealsuite is a reflection of the market. This means that we see any type of equity transaction passing the bill. From minority, majority to 100% sale. From a fast growing SAAS company to a classic retailer. Most companies being sold have a revenue of 5-50mio. We accept anything as of 1mio locally and often see deals up to 200mio internationally. At any given moment thousands of qualified buyers are lined up through Dealsuite.

Buyers and investors in Europe

Some transactions require a local approach. You decide if you want to offer up the opportunity locally or internationally. When looking for buyers from Europe we offer the most complete overview available. We advise to have a look at the international traction. The global interest for SME’s is growing and cross-border deals are becoming increasingly common. We can show you exactly which foreign buyers are interested in acquiring the company or business unit you are selling.

Request a demo

Our director M&A would like to discover how we can facilitate your M&A needs. Request a non-committal online demonstration today to learn how Dealsuite can help you to do more and better deals.

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    “With Dealsuite, finding potential buyers has become a lot more efficient”

    Friso Kuipers
    AenF Partners

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    “If it weren’t for Dealsuite, we would have missed this opportunity”

    Marnix van der Feltz
    Standard Investment

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    “We provide our clients with access to national and international investors through Dealsuite. Their excellent personal service is an effective support.”

    Jens Grasshoff
    Kensington Mergers and Acquisitions

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    “BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about deal mandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up-to-date and accurate.”

    Maarten van Dijk
    BDO Corporate Finance

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    “Dealsuite enables us to connect with M&A professionals on Pan-European level and increase our deal-pipeline”

    Kevin Elsaesser
    Ufenau Capital Partners