Dealsuite for Corporate M&A

Many players are turning to the mid-market, because that is where the action is. The volume of firms in this segment is high and profits can be made in many ways: financial engineering, operational improvements and multiple arbitrage lead to clear profits for buyers and sellers. Dealsuite is specialised in this mid-market and has a coverage throughout Europe.
Dealsuite offers the following modules for Corporate M&A:

Make sure you are visible

All on the market deals
Dealsuite matches your interests and investment criteria with other companies and deal opportunities in the network. These include, but are not limited to: revenue (models), ebitda, geography, client types, FTE, CAGR, business models, stage of the company, type of transaction, stake offered, price, dealsize and a detailed industry classification.

You are notified every time a deal comes to market matching your investment criteria. Making sure you keep a full overview of the direct opportunities in your field. Based on a detailed list of variables you decide what is interesting for you to receive. This way our matching algorithm can guarantee the highest relevance.

Receive proprietary deal opportunities Every day, numerous companies hire an M&A advisor to scan the market for buyers. These advisors use Dealsuite to create a shortlist of potential acquirers/investors. They filter through the Dealsuite directory feature to find buyers interested in acquiring companies matching to the seller’s qualifications. Being listed here makes sure that sellers are able to find and contact you.

Amplify your corporate M&A brand More awareness about your M&A brand and your ambitions will lead to more inbound proprietary contact and dealflow. Presenting your M&A brand to the national and international deal community makes sure people are aware of your interest which leads to a higher relevance of proposals. More companies will find you and you will stay top of mind. This saves you a lot of (catching up-)meetings.

"If anyone in the world wants to sell a beauty business, the first they will call is us"

Jean Paul Agon
CEO L'Oreal

Acquisitive search

With Dealsuite you can search through the platform on deal level using full text search and numeric search as well as labeling tags for your ‘topics of interest’ such as SaaS, ESG etc. By using a broad toolkit of relevant filters you can identify all on the market deals matching your exact search criteria. This way you can identify relevant (add-on) acquisitions in minutes and can focus your time and energy on the deal itself, instead of sourcing the right opportunities.

Direct access to relevant buyers and investors (Divesting)
You can use Dealsuite to create your longlist and reach out to all active buyers at European level. You are in full control of the information you wish to share, and who you share it with. Smart filters show you directly who the interested buyers are. If you choose to do so, you can also reach out to M&A advisory firms to increase your reach. You may upload a PDF teaser to share additional background information about the project. Your personal dashboard allows you to monitor interest and manage and receive NDA’s via our integrated NDA tool.

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Our director M&A would like to discover how we can facilitate your M&A needs. Request a non-committal online demonstration today to learn how Dealsuite can help you to do more and better deals.

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    “With Dealsuite, finding potential buyers has become a lot more efficient”

    Friso Kuipers
    AenF Partners

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    “If it weren’t for Dealsuite, we would have missed this opportunity”

    Marnix van der Feltz
    Standard Investment

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    “We provide our clients with access to national and international investors through Dealsuite. Their excellent personal service is an effective support.”

    Jens Grasshoff
    Kensington Mergers and Acquisitions

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    “BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about deal mandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up-to-date and accurate.”

    Maarten van Dijk
    BDO Corporate Finance

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    “Dealsuite enables us to connect with M&A professionals on Pan-European level and increase our deal-pipeline”

    Kevin Elsaesser
    Ufenau Capital Partners