About Dealsuite

Dealsuite was founded in 2016 in close cooperation with M&A advisors and investment firms. Together we explored the solutions to make sourcing for potential buyers and sellers more efficient, effective and cheaper.

This joint effort resulted in Dealsuite, a private online platform that enables M&A advisors, investment firms and corporate M&A to exchange buy-side and sell-side propositions with each other in real time. Relevance is guaranteed by the Dealsuite matching algorithm.

Dealsuite is offered as a plug-and-play SaaS solution that is easy and intuitive to use. Dealsuite has grown exponentially since its launch in 2016. The platform is now active in more than 42 countries and over 1,300 firms are active on Dealsuite. These include almost all of the top 10 international accounting and consultancy firms.

Floyd Plettenberg

I envision a world where all M&A professionals are connected with each other via one online platform; a network where deal sourcing is efficient and effective.

How great would it be if buyers and sellers of companies had an up-to-date overview of all available parties in the market in order to achieve an optimal match?

During my years in the M&A team at PwC, I have experienced that finding the right buyers and sellers is often an inefficient and time-consuming process. This leads to unnecessarily high costs and in the worst case, the 'momentum' of the deal is completely lost.

To provide a solution to this market inefficiency, I started Dealsuite. Together with Brookz, the largest acquisition platform in the Netherlands, we launched in the Dutch M&A market in 2016. More than 1,300 companies in more than 42 countries are now active on Dealsuite.

Floyd Plettenberg

Current propositions on Dealsuite by sector

Maarten van Dijk, Partner BDO Corporate Finance

“BDO is very active in cross-border dealmaking. We use Dealsuite to communicate about dealmandates within BDO internationally and with external M&A firms. Dealsuite is easy to use and the information is always up-to-date and accurate.”

Maarten van Dijk Partner BDO Corporate Finance